Rule 1

Rule 1
General Server Rules

  • 1.1 – This is a dedicated server. you are not allowed to force other tribes to pay a tax.
  • 1.2 – Do not ruin the game for other players, this includes but is not limited to; Blackmail, Creating a toxic environment, using language that is Threatening, Abusive, harassing, sexually explicit, racial, or blatantly offensive to the person it’s directed to.  We are still a PvP server so trash talk is understood but if it gets out of hand it will be dealt with by an admin.
  • 1.3 – Do not impersonate any TAAC staff.
  • 1.4 – No selling anything for money, you may only trade for in game items. 
Rule 2

Rule 2
PVP Rules

  • 2.1 – TEAMING – We Allow teaming but only to a certain extent. When raiding/defending you are only allowed to have 2 tribes and 6 people at a raid.
    you are not allowed to bring more than 6 people and 2 tribes. So, if you have 6 members online and going to the raid you cannot ask your allies for help. 
  • 2.2 – Canon raiding is banned; you may only use canons for taming. Depending on the damage caused the same damage will be caused to your base with no warning.
  • 2.3 – You are not allowed to use anything over the item cap until they have been reverted to cap either by transferring servers or by server restart. [Saddles 130, Weapons 350]
  • 2.4 – Do not use boxed tames [ie. quetzal or paracer hatch frames] you may only use these if you are actively raiding a cave base. If a base is on the edge of a cliff or out in the open, you may not use these types of tames in the raid. 
  • 2.5 – No caging or cuffing offline players, you may only stop a player from moving freely if you are actively engaging them in PvP. You may only keep someone caged/cuffed during a raid for 24 hours regardless if the raid is finished or not. If you do not finish the raid you must also let the player out.
rule 3

Rule 3

  • 3.1 – No Mesh biting or Mesh hitting of any kind [ex. Biting threw pearl cave entrance with a giga]
  • 3.2 – You Are required to have the same tribe name and members across the entire cluster. Switching members, account sharing or using alt accounts is not allowed.
  • 3.3 – Do not build in a “knock out” Building spot [ie. A place where you must fall asleep or log off and back on again to access. Building in these areas is forbidden and will result in being asked to move or a base wipe.
  • 3.4 – No Tunneling into a base [ie. Building up into a base with pillars and walls to bypass turrets]
  • 3.5 – DDOS attacks or Threatening to do so will result in your account being permanently banned from the server and the discord.
  • 3.6 – No exploiting the no clip system. This means that you are not allowed to mesh structures to stop another tribe from placing a fob down doing so will result in the structures in that area being wiped by an admin so the raiding tribe can set up a fob.
  • 3.7 No exploits of any kind. If it is new and we have not added it to the rules yet does not mean, we allow it.

*Managarmr saddles over primitive
*Flamethrowers over primitive

*NO putting turrets on spawns 
*NO placing random fobs around the map that are not being used. will be destroyed without warning.
*NO blocking obelisks other than for the purpose of fobbing for a boss fight

please Read
*We run on a one warning system, if you decide not to listen to this warning this could result with a ban for the rest of the wipe, Dino wipe, or base wipe. In certain situation like cannon raiding or exploits you may not receive a warning. Either the damage caused will be caused to your base or the people involved will be banned. 
* If you are meshed and provide Proof (we need good amount of proof as meshing is very hard to do now) and we will provide a base pack to build up with.
* Items and dinos lost to glitches in the game that we cannot fix or have control over will not be replaced. 
We will try our best to help if a problem arises with an in game glitch but ark still has a lot of problems and we cannot be expected to fix them.
* Please do not have more than 2 bases on a single map, that are taking up “prime base locations” (e.g. snow north and pearl cave) doing so may result in being asked to move out of your second base.