Server Names










Server Rates

General Rates
Harvesting = 8x
Experience = 50x
Element Harvesting = 3x
Crop Growth = 6
Cave Damage = 8x 
Player Food/Water Consumption = .2
Fuel Consumption = .4
Custom Loot Drops 
Custom Fishing Loot

Taming = 50
Breeding = 100
Egg Hatch = 200
Baby Maturation = 46.55
Mating Interval = .15 
Max Dino Level = 150
Imprint stat multiplier: 1.1x

Item stat clamps
Armor: 520
Weapon damage: 350%
Armor durability: 1005
Long neck durability: 586
Pump action durability: 2500

Server Settings

General Settings
Mode = PVP
Auto Unlock Engrams = True
Tribe Limit = 6 
Unlimited Mindwipes = True
Tribe Mate Imprints = True
Tribe Slot Reuse Cooldown = 4 hours
48 Hour Upload Timer
1 Alliance[6 people, 2 tribes at a raid/defence]
Fliers disabled on Aberration
Fliers Enabled on genesis 
Max Player level = 165
Max Wild Dinos = 150
Max Wild Wyverns = 190
Max wild Magmasaur  = 150

Player Settings
Points per level you receive
Health: 15 
Stamina: 16
Oxygen: 600
Weight: 450
Melee: 7.5%
Speed: 1.88%
Fortitude: 10
Crafting: 10%

Loot Drop Contents
White: starter packs
Green: Consumables/kibbles
Blue: Saddles
Purple: Tributes/artifacts
yellow: Ammon/weapons
Red: Armor
Alphas: armor, weapons, small amount of element, and turrets.
Fishing: Same as alphas + Bullet bps
Beaver Dams: Cementing paste, Tribute Items and Bush berry seeds

Disabled for first week of wipe
– Gasbags
– Rock Golems
– Ice Golems
– Chalk Golems
– Magmasaur
– Megachelon
– Managarmr
– All Titans

Disabled for first 2 days of Wipe
– Griffins

Extra Information

Crafting Costs
These are the crafting costs in a chemistry bench: 
CP: 32 Stone
GP: 4 spark powder
SP: 8 Flint
Narcotic: 20 narcoberrys

Other Crafting Changes:
Arb {turret ammo}: 1 ingot + 6 gunpowder
Metal Cliff Plat: 800 cp+1200 ingot+2000 silica pearls
Cannon: 1500 CP + 4000 Ingots + 500 Polymer
Cannon ball: 100 CP + 100 GP + 150 ingot + 50 polymer
Sleeping bag: 100 Fiber + 250 Hide + 100 Thatch
Parachute: 10 hide
Polymer: 3 obsidian
Spy Glass: 1 Wood
Electronics: 1 ingot, 1 silica pearl

Individual stack sizes
Turret Ammo: 200
A/C: 100
Auto Turret:100
Ambergris: 100
Chemistry bench:5
Element Shard: 1000
Heavy Turret:100
Industrial Forge:5
Raw Meat:200
Raw Mutton:100
Raw Prime:100
Organic Polymer: 1000
Fridge: 5
Tek Turrets: 100
Vault: 5
Wyvern Milk: 100

Custom Recipes
All the recipes to cook stuff on the server, no water is needed.

Battle tartare: citronal x1 longrass x1 mejoberry x20 rare flower x2 raw prime meat x3 stimulant x8 
Broth of enlightenment: black pearl x2 citronal x2 longrass x2 mejoberry x2 rockarrot x2 savoroot x2
cactus broth: amarberry x10 azulberry x10 cactus sap x20 mejoberry x10
Calien Soup: amarberry x20 mejoberry x10 tintoberry x20
Enduro Stew: Cooked Meat x9 Mejoberry x10 Rockarrot x5 savoroot x5
Energy Brew: azulberry x20 stimulant x2
Focal Chili: Amarberry x20 azulberry x20 cooked meat x9 mejoberry x10 tintoberry x20 Fria Curry: Azulberry x20 longrass x5 mejoberry x10 rockarrot x5
Lazarus Chowder: cooked meat x9 longrass x5 mejoberry x10 savoroot x5
Medical Brew: Narcotic x2 Tinto berry x20
Mindwipe Tonic: Mejoberry x400 narcotic x150
Mushroom Brew: aggeravic mushroom x10 aquatic mushroom x10 ascerbic Mushroom x10 auric mushroom x10 sap x5
Shadow Steak Sauté: amarberry x20 narcotic x10 rare mushroom x2 rockarrot x1 savoroot x1
Sweet Vegy cake: amarberry x100 azulberry x100 fiber x100 honey x3 mejoberry x100 stimulant x5 tintoberry x100

How To Get Bush Berry Seeds
You can get bush berry seeds by: 
Killing bosses [5 bbs for hard] 
Killing Alphas [2-3 bbs per alpha] 
Killing Corrupted Dinos (rex, wyvern and giga) [1 bbs per dino] 
Some drops (red, yellow, all cave drops, deep sea, and dessert drops) [1-2bbs depending on the drop]
 Killing Wild Dinos (Basilisk, Death Worm, diplo, bronto, giga, mantis, mosa, plesio, reaper, rex, rockdrake, tuso) [1 bbs – the smaller the dino the more rare for them to drop] 
 Beaver dams [bbs per beaver dam small: 1 large: 2]